National & International Tax systems

National & International Tax systems

Studio De Simone ensures the management of all of the fulfilments required for setting up Italian companies and those overseas companies with an operative office or business unit in Italy, as well as all of the fulfilments required in terms of tax and direct and indirect levies.

With regard to the first type (Irpef, Ires, Irap and Imposte Sostututive), management may require the arrangement and digital sending of income tax returns (mod. Unico), tax replacements (Mod. 770) and any required sector studies.

The management of the second type will include:

a) IVA (Value added tax), for which arrangements and the digital sending of annual tax forms are made, annual communication, Intrastat forms on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis, as well as communication of letter of intent received. Furthermore, management of any digital communication for the opening, variation or closing of company activity.

b) Property Tax declarations are compiled and presented to the offices in charge as well as the calculations of the amounts to deposit on properties for IMU. Stamp duty relating to these properties will be calculated.


  • Rag. Alessio Martini
  • Romina Baronio
  • Cristina Petrarca