Studio De Simone: consulenza del lavoro in Milano.

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Staff administration

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Consultancy activities include the following areas:

  • the holding of compulsory documents;
  • opening of insurance policies and social security;
  • communication to appointed entities;
  • registration with social security and welfare offices;
  • introduction of work for the disabled;
  • protection of employees' confidential data;
  • salary preparation;
  • fee preparation for autonomous and para-subordinate workers;
  • adherence to periodical documentation (ex. DM10, Emens, F24, ravvedimenti);
  • adherence to annual documentation (invalidity statements, self-liquidation INAIL, CUD e autonomous workers certification, Mod.770 simplified

Credits: Webem-lab
di Simona De Simone- Largo Promessi Sposi 2 - 20142  Milano
PIVA 03403080967