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Comunica Impresa

It is now possible to fulfill all requirements necessary to open a company with one single communication to the Italian Business Register.

This single communication contains all of the fiscal, social security and insurance information which previously needed to be sent to different entities in different ways.

The new procedure is done solely by electronic means and requires the use of the ComUnica software.

What is Single Communication (ComUnica)?

Until now, companies and their intermediaries carried out obligations regarding the Inland Revenue, INAIL, INPS e the Chamber of Commerce following different procedures for each one.

Today, these four entities Oggi i quattro enti (INPS, Inail, Inland Revenue, and the Chamber of Commerce) have coordinated to create simplified administrative processes, benefiting from electronic communication between companies and public administration offices. All of the requirements can be fulfilled by reverting to a single electronic channel: Italian Business Register.

The Italian Business Register will be a "Single desk" to whom the Single Communciation will be sent, a single digital document containing all information required by all of the various entities.

With Single Communication, management of requirement fulfillments will be easier and waiting times for the documents will be shorter.


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